Powerful Productivity

Give your phone a productivity boost from BlackBerry®. Whether it’s integrating all your email, text and social messages into one place or giving you a really smart Calendar, BlackBerry makes sure doing stuff on your Android™ phone is effortless.

BlackBerry Hub

Keep organized with BlackBerry Hub. This unified inbox is an irreplaceable tool for consolidating all of your messages in one place – whether it’s email, calendar, social or phone calls. Once you experience BlackBerry Hub, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

  • Compose email messages and social posts, or respond directly to messages and calendar invitations.
  • Use Conversation View for a clear view of all the messages in one conversation.
  • File email messages and manage all your folders.
  • Search for messages or contacts saved directly on your device or on the email server.
  • Peek into your calendar to see your next four meetings.
  • Quickly identify unread messages via the red BlackBerry spark indicator.

BlackBerry Calendar

Experience the most productive calendar experience on Android. When you create or change events, you can avoid double bookings by viewing when you’re busy. Using the Join Now feature, you can instantly dial into your meetings directly from your event reminder. And with Google Now™ voice commands, booking meetings has never been easier.

  • Seamlessly sync with work accounts, as well as personal, for a truly integrated experience.
  • See adjacent or conflicting appointments and time zone previews.
  • Search for events by subject, location, participants and notes.
  • Use “Meeting Mode” to automatically silence your audible notifications during meetings.
  • Get suggestions on whom to invite based on previous events and invitees.
  • See your friends’ recent messages and social updates– so instead of ‘How are you?’ you’ll know to say ‘How was your holiday?’

BlackBerry Password Keeper

You have a lot of passwords to keep track of – email and social accounts, online banking, access to work applications, and so on. And they all have different security requirements. BlackBerry Password Keeper stores all your passwords, log in information and important records safe in one highly secure spot that is encrypted with a password of your choice.

  • Create, edit, and delete records.
  • Generate random passwords.
  • Set records as favourite.
  • Check that your passwords are strong using the password strength metre.

BlackBerry Contacts

BlackBerry Contacts stores all your contact info in one location for convenient management. You can interact with your contacts using a variety of methods such as phone calls, text and email messages, or calendar events directly from the Contacts app. You can also create and manage contact groups.

  • View work and personal contacts in one convenient location.
  • Remotely search your work directory address list right from your device.
  • Search for a business or location and add the selected result automatically to a contact.
  • Create groups and easily start group conversations.

BlackBerry Device Search

Save time and effort navigating through your device and find information on your smartphone quickly with BlackBerry Device Search. Easily find a contact, a meeting, a file, an email, a song by searching in one universal search bar.

  • Select and filter the categories you want to look in before you begin your search.
  • Use Instant Actions such as, “Call Mike,” “Map home,” or “Email Mary” to quickly perform tasks.
  • Use the remote search option if the info you are looking for isn’t found on your device.

Notes by BlackBerry

Notes by BlackBerry is a place to keep track of to-do lists or your bucket list, notes for a presentation or action items from a meeting. Gift ideas for your family or groceries you need to pick up after work. It’s synchronized by Microsoft® Exchange ActiveSync 14.1 or later and includes automatic setup for Microsoft Outlook® and Microsoft Exchange.

Tasks by BlackBerry

Tasks by BlackBerry will increase your efficiency at work by creating tasks, and setting due dates and reminders to help you stay focused and meet your deadlines.

  • Receive notifications for upcoming tasks.
  • Effortlessly sync recurring tasks, due dates and reminders.

It’s synchronized by Microsoft® Exchange ActiveSync 14.1 or later and includes automatic setup for Windows® Live Hotmail, Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync.

BlackBerry Launcher

Turn multi-step actions like sending an email or calling a friend into a one-click task. BlackBerry Launcher lets you organize apps, widgets and shortcuts on customized home screen panels for instant access.

  • View any application widget by simply swiping up or down across the icon on your home screen, with BlackBerry® Pop-Up Widgets. Get fast access to the information you need, when you need it.
  • Customize the look and feel of your device using icon packs, and more.

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