DTEK™ Security App

  1. The meter at the top points out how the software uses key metrics to determine how secure and safe the device is.
  2. It evaluates a list of areas and explains how they play into the overall safety of the device.
  3. If you scroll down to apps, it shows you which apps are using specific sensors, such as location or camera.
  4. Tap on the location sensor and reveal the list of apps that are using this sensor.
  5. On the location details screen, you can tap on a notification so that you are notified each time the app uses this feature.

BlackBerry® Hub

  1. The BlackBerry Hub brings all your communications (whether it’s Facebook ®, Twitter®, Email etc.) into one place so you can view and respond from a single app.
  2. List view all your messages in chronological order
  3. Switch between your list of accounts (e.g. Facebook®, SnapChat®, Email) and simply filter between them.
  4. Use the floating compose button at the bottom of the screen to easily compose new messages from any of these accounts.

BlackBerry® Privacy Shade

  1. BlackBerry Privacy Shade keeps your sensitive data hidden.
  2. It lets you interact with the full screen while keeping prying eyes away from sensitive information on your phone.
  3. When you turn on BlackBerry Privacy Shade, it blocks out everything on your screen except for a small view area that you control.

BlackBerry® Password Keeper

  1. Store passwords, log-in info, saved websites, notes, and lists in one place.
  2. Your information is encrypted using AES-256 and protected by a single password that you choose.
  3. BlackBerry Password Keeper can generate random passwords for you to make your passwords more difficult to guess.