Great Clicks. Even in low light.

Capture the hues of the night with f/2.0 aperture and tetra-pixel technology.
Get super clear and bright results, even for the pictures taken in low light.

Go wider with your selfies

Evolve comes with the wide selfie mode that let’s you take images that are twice as wide, making for amazing group shots.

Stunning Details. Amazing Colours.

BlackBerry® Evolve features a monochrome + RGB dual-camera setup. The RGB lens captures vivid colours, the monochrome lens captures stunning details & is intelligently combined to produce amazing masterpieces, every time.

Be Bokehlicious

BlackBerry® Evolve features the real-time bokeh mode that blurs out the surroundings while focusing on the subject, creating visually delightful results.

Professional Photography in One Click

Shoot, Adjust, Re-Adjust

Refocus mode on the BlackBerry Evolve let’s you digitally manage the focus on different subjects even after taking the shot.