Amazing low light images with the
tetra-pixel technology.

Great Clicks. Even in low light.

Capture the hues of the night with f/2.0 aperture and tetra-pixel technology.
Get super clear and bright results, even for the pictures taken in low light.

Go wider with your selfies

BlackBerry® EvolveX comes with the wide selfie mode that let’s you take images that are twice as wide, making for amazing group shots.

Photos, clear and steady even in low light

2X optical zoom + 4X Auto Focus.

All-new portrait mode

The all-new portrait mode allows you to achieve a bokeh effect where areas of focus are clearly defined and the background is blurred. To achieve this effect, we've specially chosen a 52mm close-up portrait lens to work alongside the dual camera, stereoscopic imaging system, and a deep learning algorithm.

Professional Photography in One Click

Real-time Recognition of 500+ Scenarios in 22 Categories